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    27189555 - Amanita "multisquamosa-04"

    • ID: 27189555 Observed On: 2019-06-16 Observed on String: 2019/06/16 10:44 AM HST Time Observed At: 2019-06-16T10:44:00-10:00 Created at: 2019-06-17T16:14:46-10:00 Updated At: 2020-02-15T12:43:36-10:00 ID Please: 0
      Place Guess: Orange County, IN, USA

    Associated Sequences

    Stephen Russell

    AI38-iNat27189555 by Stephen Russell

    User Login: roundabout1812
    Quality Grade: needs_id
    Species Guess: Amanita Mushrooms
    Taxon ID: 48419
    Number ID Agreements: 0
    Number ID Disagreements: 0
    Iconic Taxon Name: Fungi
    Voucher Specimen Taken: Yes
    Voucher Number(s): AI38
    Mycoflora Species Name: Amanita "multisquamosa-04"
    Latitude: 38.4912944444 Longitude: -86.408425
    MycoMap Location: Lick Creek, Paoli, Indiana 47454, United States, Paoli, Indiana, 47454, 38.4912944444,-86.408425, UNITED STATES


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