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    • ID: 15428693 Observed On: 2018-08-14 Observed on String: Tue Aug 14 2018 10:00:41 GMT-0800 (AKDT) Time Observed At: 2018-08-14T10:00:41-08:00 Created at: 2018-08-14T12:12:11-08:00 Updated At: 2018-08-21T00:30:22-08:00 ID Please: 0

    User Login: eidergrothford
    User Name: Eider Grothford
    Quality Grade: needs_id
    Species Guess: laccarias
    Taxon ID: 54895
    Number ID Agreements: 2
    Number ID Disagreements: 0
    Iconic Taxon Name: Fungi
    Latitude: 63.65588760000001 Longitude: -148.8318728
    MycoMap Location: Denali Park Village, Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska, Denali, 99755, 63.6558876,-148.8318728, UNITED STATES


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