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    • ID: 15427359 Observed On: 2018-08-14 Observed on String: 2018/08/14 9:45 AM EDT Time Observed At: 2018-08-14T09:45:00-04:00 Created at: 2018-08-14T15:20:18-04:00 Updated At: 2020-03-11T19:44:26-04:00 ID Please: 0
      Place Guess: Fredericksburg, VA 22401, USA
    Found on dead snag in recently flooded area of Old Mill Park along Rappahannock River

    User Login: rebelbelle
    Quality Grade: needs_id
    Species Guess: Wood ear fungi
    License: cc-by-nc
    Taxon ID: 50817
    Number ID Agreements: 2
    Number ID Disagreements: 0
    Iconic Taxon Name: Fungi
    Latitude: 38.3031837 Longitude: -77.4605399
    MycoMap Location: 916 Princess Anne Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401, United States, Fredericksburg, Virginia, Chatham Landing, 22401, 38.30318370000000,-77.46053990000000, UNITED STATES


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