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    • ID: 15421223 Observed On: 2018-07-31 Observed on String: 2018/07/31 12:03 PM PDT Time Observed At: 2018-07-31T12:03:00-07:00 Created at: 2018-08-14T08:53:33-07:00 Updated At: 2021-02-08T10:04:14-08:00
      Place Guess: Rio Preto da Eva - State of Amazonas, 69117-000, Brazil

    User Login: mcvaz
    User Name: Marcel Carita Vaz
    Quality Grade: needs_id
    Species Guess: Ganoderma
    License: cc-by-nc
    Taxon ID: 48475
    Number ID Agreements: 1
    Number ID Disagreements: 0
    Iconic Taxon Name: Fungi
    Latitude: -2.4490502874 Longitude: -59.770144872
    MycoMap Location: Rio Preto da Eva - State of Amazonas, Amazonas, -2.44905028740000,-59.77014487200000, BRAZIL


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