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    • ID: 15420247 Observed On: 2018-08-13 Observed on String: 2018/08/13 1:46 PM EDT Time Observed At: 2018-08-13T13:46:00-04:00 Created at: 2018-08-14T11:15:39-04:00 Updated At: 2019-12-23T19:18:49-05:00 ID Please: 0
      Place Guess: Forks of Cranberry Trail, Monongahela National Forest

    User Login: eraskin
    User Name: Evan Raskin
    Quality Grade: research
    Species Guess: Phycomyces
    License: cc-by-nc
    Taxon ID: 319606
    Number ID Agreements: 2
    Number ID Disagreements: 0
    Iconic Taxon Name: Fungi
    Latitude: 38.24064553 Longitude: -80.27084243
    MycoMap Location: Forks of Cranberry Trail, Hillsboro, West Virginia, 38.24064553000000,-80.27084243000000, UNITED STATES


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