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    University of Washington Herbarium, Burke Museum


    • Herbarium Acronym: WTU
      Affiliated Institution: University of Washington
      Herbarium Location: University of Washington, 1776-1938 Northeast Pacific Street, Northeast Seattle, Seattle, Washington, King County, 98195, UNITED STATES
      Phone Number: 206-543-1682
      Herbarium Webpage:

      Name of Primary Contact: David Giblin
      Email of Primary Contact:

      Currently accepting specimens?: Yes
      Location requirements for collections:: Country, State/Province, text description of location. Decimal lat./long. desirable and preferable.
      Describe identification requirements:: Specimens must be identified to genus level, ideally to species.
      Describe other metadata requirements:: Date, Collector name, Collector number.
      Describe preservation requirements:: Dried.
      Describe taxa of specific interest:: Agaricales, especially Cortinarius and Inocybe.
      Describe taxa not accepted:: N/A
      Do you digitize collections?: Yes
      Typical timeframe for a collection to be digitized:: One month.
      Able to accept and associate digital photographs with collections?: Yes
    The University of Washington Herbarium at the Burke Museum is an internationally renowned resource for research into the diversity, distribution and ecology of Pacific Northwest vascular plants, nonvascular plants, fungi, lichen and algae, and provides extensive online resources for researchers and members of the public.

    The Herbarium’s collections currently include approximately 700,000 specimens of vascular plants, nonvascular plants, fungi, lichen and marine algae. Between 5,000–10,000 specimens are added annually, making it one of the largest herbaria in the Pacific Northwest.

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