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    E.C. Smith Herbarium


    • Herbarium Acronym: ACAD
      Affiliated Institution: Acadia University
      Herbarium Location: K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre, 32 K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre, University Avenue, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Kings County, B4P 2P8, CANADA
      Phone Number: (902) 585-1335
      Herbarium Webpage:

      Name of Primary Contact: Allison Walker
      Email of Primary Contact:

      Currently accepting specimens?: Yes
      Location requirements for collections:: none
      Describe identification requirements:: Only material identified to genus will be accepted.
      Describe other metadata requirements:: Complete locality data including: Collector, Collector number, Identified By, Date, Country, Province/State, County, location, substrate, host, latitude, longitude, elevation, and notes is required.
      Describe preservation requirements:: Specimens must be fully dried e.g. using a drying oven or a food dehydrator. Do NOT overcook specimens as this destroys DNA!
      Describe taxa of specific interest:: All
      Describe taxa not accepted:: None
      Other submission requirements:: Donations of $15 per specimen to help alleviate accessioning costs gladly accepted.
      Do you digitize collections?: Yes
      Able to accept and associate digital photographs with collections?: Yes
      Other important information: The E.C. Smith Herbarium contains over 200,000 specimens, including vascular plants, bryophytes, and fungi. It is the largest herbarium in Atlantic Canada and the first Canadian herbarium to have a digital database with scanned images of the collection. The herbarium contains 20,000 fungal specimens.
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