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  • Brown University Herbarium

    Brown University Herbarium

    • Herbarium Acronym: BRU
      Affiliated Institution: Brown University
      Herbarium Location: Brown University Herbarium, 34 Olive Street, College Hill, Providence, Rhode Island, Providence County, 02912, UNITED STATES
      Phone Number: (401) 863-2375
      Herbarium Webpage:

      Name of Primary Contact: Tim Whitfeld
      Email of Primary Contact:

      Currently accepting specimens?: Yes
      Location requirements for collections:: Minimum of town, state/province/county/ and country
      Describe identification requirements:: at least to genus
      Describe other metadata requirements:: Lat. Long where possible
      Describe preservation requirements:: dried and pressed, larger fruits can be separate
      Describe taxa of specific interest:: New England in particular but we are interested in specimens from anywhere
      Do you digitize collections?: Yes
      Typical timeframe for a collection to be digitized:: 6 months
      Able to accept and associate digital photographs with collections?: No
    Mostly Rhode Island, New England, and North America. Also Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, South Africa, UK and various European countries, India, Australia. Around 80,000 vascular plants plus ~12,000 fungi, ~2,000 lichens, ~2,000 algae, and several thousand moss specimens.

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