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    Ada Hayden Herbarium


    • Herbarium Acronym: ISC
      Affiliated Institution: Iowa State University
      Herbarium Location: Iowa State University, 342 Bessey Hall, 2200 Osborn Drive, Ames, Iowa, Story County, 50011, UNITED STATES
      Phone Number: [1]515-294-9499
      Herbarium Webpage:

      Name of Primary Contact: Deborah Q. Lewis
      Email of Primary Contact:

      Currently accepting specimens?: Yes
      Location requirements for collections:: Iowa; surrounding states if the state has no fungal herbarium receiving specimens
      Describe identification requirements:: Genus ID required (preferred to species)
      Describe other metadata requirements:: Complete locality data including state, county, precise locality description (lat-long or UTM coordinates, or TRS data helpful); collector, collector number and date; identified by and date of determination; habitat information including general habitat, substrate and host (if applicable); any descriptive notes.
      Describe preservation requirements:: Fully dried; cannot accept living cultures
      Describe taxa of specific interest:: Lichens
      Other submission requirements:: Agree that specimens become the property of Iowa State University (i.e., the State of Iowa), except for federal collections, which may be submitted with an explicit understanding between the parties involved
      Do you digitize collections?: Yes
      Typical timeframe for a collection to be digitized:: Currently averaging greater than 1 year
      Able to accept and associate digital photographs with collections?: Yes
      Other important information: We do not currently have a mycologist on staff who can provide determinations
    The Ada Hayden Herbarium contains ~650,000 specimens, including ~36,000 fungi and ~5200 lichens

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