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    • MycoBank Number: 17938
      Summary: Lepiota (Pers.) Gray, A natural arrangement of British plants 1: 601 (1821) [MB#17938]
      ≡Agaricus sect. Lepiota Pers., Tentamen dispositionis methodicae Fungorum: 68 (1797) [MB#700011]
      ≡Lepiota sect. Lepiota (Pers.) Gray: 601 (1821) [MB#549016]
      ≡Lepiota subgen. Lepiota (Pers.) Gray: 601 (1821) [MB#549017]
      ≡Lepiota subsect. Lepiota (Pers.) Gray: 601 (1821) [MB#549018]
      =Fusispora Fayod, Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique 9: 351 (1889) [MB#17627]
      =Lepiota subgen. Lepiotula Maire, Fungi Catalaunici: Contributions à l'étude de la Flore Mycologique de la Catalogne: 82 (1933) [MB#700259]
      =Morobia E. Horak, Beihefte zur Sydowia 8: 205 (1979) [MB#18073]
      =Cystolepiota subgen. Echinoderma Locq. ex Bon, Documents Mycologiques 11 (43): 23 (1981) [MB#515927]
      Epithet: Lepiota
      Rank: Genus
      Name Status: Legitimate
      Authors: (Persoon) Gray
      Authors (abbreviated): (Pers.) Gray
      Literature: Id: 4383
      Name: Gray, S.F. 1821. A natural arrangement of British plants. 1:1-824
      Page #: 601
      Year of Publication: 1821
      Name Type: Combination
      Gender: Feminine
      Remarks: genus with a conserved type
      Sanctioned by: -
      Human pathogenicity code: -
      Plant pathogenicity code: -
      Code toxicity: -
      Type name: Id: 212733
      Name: Agaricus colubrinus
      Obligate or homotypic synonyms:
      Id: 60273
      Name: Agaricus sect. Lepiota
      Id: 524922
      Name: Lepiota sect. Lepiota
      Id: 524923
      Name: Lepiota subgen. Lepiota
      Id: 524924
      Name: Lepiota subsect. Lepiota
      Anamorph synonyms: Id: 59706
      Name: Coccobotrys
      Facultative or heterotypic synonyms:
      Id: 432213
      Name: Cystolepiota subgen. Echinoderma
      Id: 100610
      Name: Fusispora
      Id: 101564
      Name: Morobia
      Id: 442099
      Name: Lepiota subgen. Lepiotula
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    Section Lepiota - fusiform to penguin shaped spores and a trichoderm
    Section Stenosporare - spurred spores and a trichoderm
    Section Ovisporae - ellipsoid spores and a trichoderm
         subsection Helveolinae - trichoderm of long, cylindrical elements
         subsection Felinae - mixed trichoderm of both long, cylindrical and short, clavate elements
    Section Lilaceae - hymeniderm and ellipsoid or spurred spores
    Section Echinatae (genus Echinoderma) - species with acute warts on the cap, made up of round elements.

    Section Intelgrellae - deprecated
    Section Helveolae - deprecated
    Section Amyloideae - deprecated
    Section Amylosporae - deprecated
    Section Anomalae - deprecated

    From Vellinga (2003).


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