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  • 151485 - Michenera

    • MycoMap Species Name: Hypomyces arachnoideus
      Occ ID: 151485
      Institution Code: NY
      Collection ID: 85536eac-afd1-4691-bcf7-1d3a48d0b5ef
      Basis of Record: PreservedSpecimen
      Catalog Number: 00967655
      Scientific Name: Hypomyces arachnoideus J. Schröt.
      Genus: Hypomyces
      Specific Epithet: arachnoideus
      Type Status: type
      Recorded By: A. Taums
      Record Number: -s.n.
      Occurrence Remarks: ex BRSL SLIDES. R 127, Flora von Grunberg 11/X 89, Rohrbush [stamped Herb. Scroeter, Kgl. Bot. Garten zu Breslau] [in folder labelled H. arachnoideous Scroet.] [handwritten data not dicernible 'auf Lactidium (3) m ', collector A. Taums?] [Specimen shou
      Country: Germany
      Latitude: 51.165691
      Longitude: 10.451526
      Modified: 2015-01-08 14:04:45
      Record ID: urn:uuid:a0b32bb2-ac01-4c2b-a68d-84c8a10cc241
      MycoMap Location: Germany, 51.165691,10.451526, GERMANY

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